Our Dean Prof. Dr. Lale Ergene met our students online on 11 November 2020 as part of the DAN 101 course. Following the speech of our Dean, whose speech can be found below, our students had the chance to watch the useful presentation of the System Specialist Nehir Sertkaya and Nagehan Dikici on behalf of the Registrar's Office on the functioning of the unit.

“Dear Students,

Welcome to Istanbul Technical University, our university, your university.

First of all, on behalf of Istanbul Technical University Dean of Students, I am Prof. Dr. Lale Ergene, wish  all of you a healthy and successful academic year.

I started my undergraduate education at the age of 16, just like you, at Istanbul Technical University, I started my career here, and I have been here for 28 years, with both academical and administrative duties. Today, I am proud to be a part of this long-established 247-year-old institution where I am now serving as Dean of Students. Because ITU is not just an educational institution; it is also a university identified with science, technology and arts.

As a result of the YKS exam, which 2 million 296 thousand 138 people took this year, you entered among the first hundred thousand students; In other words, you were among 4% of those who took the exam. Maybe you chose the university by prioritizing the university, maybe you chose the profession and department, I don't know; but we know that ultimately you actually chose ITU. We know what a tough studying process and what a great race you came from. First of all, I congratulate each of you on your success.

I sincerely congratulate your families for raising young people like you who made us all smile.

As the Dean of Students, our primary goal is to make the university life of our students, who are valuable members of an institution like Istanbul Technical University whose history dates back almost 250 years, into a life section that they will be longingly remembered in their future.

The process we have been through in recent months has shown and continues to show how much each of us needs emotional and social support. Our bond to our families and friends is getting stronger even from a distance. Istanbul Technical University aims to support you, the indispensablepart of its family, in this process by using all its facilities. As one of the steps taken towards achieving this goal, ITU Dean of Students is developing and bringing you the ADVISING course, where you can meet with your academic advisors and watch general presentations that we hope will be fruitful for you. In today's Advising lesson, you will see a presentation about the Registrar's Office, which I hope will be very useful for all of you.

My dear fellow students; In this difficult period when you have to stay at home, please try to attend classes, study daily, learn and keep your motivation high.

I wish you all a healthy and successful academic term again,

Best, stay healthy, goodbye.”

Prof. Dr. Lale Tükenmez Ergene