Within the scope of DAN 101 Academic Advising course, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Economics faculty member and ITU Career and Internship Center director Assoc. Dr. Resul Aydemir met with our students online on December 30, 2020 and shared the goals of the center and the activities that they have carried out in order to lead our students to reach their career goals. Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Management Engineering faculty member and Vice Director of ITU Career and Internship Center Dr. Lecturer Çiçek Ersoy and the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics depertment faculty member Aysun Hızıroğlu Aygün attended the presentation. As an invited speaker, Dr. Faculty Member İdil Vedia Evcimen from Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Management Department shared tips that will help our students differentiate in the career race with a presentation that raises the awareness of our students about career development. İTÜ graduate, Kariyer.net Strategy and Business Development Assistant General Manager Barış Karadenizli, who attended the same session as an invitee, met with our students with a presentation about the transformation in the employment market, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic.