• With a student-oriented perspective, conveys the needs and expectations of our students to all administrative bodies of our university and produces solutions to meet these expectations,
  • Meets all kinds of consultancy requirements regarding the education programs and regulations of the departments in which our students are registered,
  • Ensures that student course registrations are completed with the support of the Registrar's Office and the Faculty Registrar's Office,
  • Organizes seminars to support students' development outside the curriculum,
  • Collaborates with students, faculty and administrative staff to promote the application of institutional values with a special emphasis on mutual respect, ethical and principled behavior,
  • Counsels students to know their rights and responsibilities and to act accordingly,
  • With the support of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center, tries to find solutions to all kinds of adaptation problems with students themselves and if necessary with their course supervisors.
  • Strengthens the student-university relationship by making necessary arrangements and improvements in line with the feedback received from the periodically conducted surveys .